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How does Amazon use internet marketing?

How does Amazon use internet marketing?​

How does Amazon use internet marketing?​​​

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By total sales and market capitalization, Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. It is one such online company around the world that has completely changed the commercial environment. It began as an online book marketplace and then continued to grow its selection. With a presence in more than 200 countries, Amazon now offers practically everything on its platform. IMDb, Audible, Twitch, and Amazon Web Services are just a few of the more than 40 businesses that fall under its corporate umbrella.

Amazon has come a long way since it first started its business as an online platform for books to become the greatest online revenue firm in the world. About 70% of Indians, according to CNBC, purchase items from Amazon during special occasions and festivals. In recent years, both Amazon’s marketing tactics and its PPC, SEO, and other advertising platforms have changed and grown.

Amazon is one of the leading companies that indulges in online marketing as a strategy to market its products on different fronts. In this article, we, at Consult Us, have compiled this article for you to gain an idea as to how Amazon uses internet marketing and Amazon advertising agency to promote its products on online platforms.

Digital marketing strategy of Amazon

Since Amazon is an online retailer, as we are all aware, it has a unique advantage over its rivals in that it can utilise all of the available digital marketing techniques to their fullest capacity. With the help of social media, Amazon successfully advertises its products to the users of those platforms, directing them to the company’s product sites for purchase.

Everyone uses social media in the modern world. In order to connect with its audience more effectively, the company has teamed up with a number of local macro- and micro-influencers.

Amazon utilises various social media sites; suffice it to say, they employ every channel at their disposal. Additionally, it may be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

·   Facebook– Facebook users that follow Amazon India are 10 million. It primarily posts company updates and offers on Facebook. To advertise its Sale Days, it employs aggressive promotion techniques. By publishing posts with a certain theme, it also remains current.

·   Instagram– Amazon has mostly used Instagram as part of its marketing plan to promote its core products and conduct interviews with numerous artists from varied backgrounds. On Instagram, it has a following of around 2.8 million people. Almost all of its postings, with the exception of company news updates, are identical on both Facebook and Instagram, reflecting how similarly it approaches both platforms.

·   Twitter– Amazon India approaches Twitter customer acquisition considerably differently than other companies. It employs a variety of content to keep its audience interested, organises contests to attract new customers, makes use of many accounts, and follows trends. On Twitter, it has a following of 2 million people, one of the highest numbers in the sector. On Twitter, it offers content in a conversational style that makes it look more like specific suggestions than an ad. As a result, it appears that Amazon sells almost anything and offers material for almost everything.

·   YouTube– The fact that Amazon’s YouTube commercials immediately hook viewers is one of their strongest features. Amazon consistently tries to make its advertisements relevant and interesting by attempting to engage with the viewer through an emotional message. For instance, Amazon Echo’s latest marketing initiative attempts to unite Indian families through the use of smart speaker technology.

·   Pinterest– The Pinterest account for Amazon has more than a million followers. By advertising their items based on diverse themes, they make use of their presence on Pinterest. To entice a variety of customer groups back to the products on its e-commerce website, Amazon creates a collage of its most popular products in numerous thematic lifestyle buckets, such as for wedding planning, for home, office, kitchen, etc.

·   Email– Every time we make a purchase from Amazon, we get emails congratulating us for the purchase, requesting a product review, and even providing a discount on the purchase. Email marketing is what this is. Amazon’s email marketing technique is straightforward: it sends consumers individualised product recommendation letters based on a variety of factors, including their past purchases, the value of previous orders, their region, their age, their gender, and their website browsing. Additionally, it emails its consumers highly individualised coupons, which encourages them to open each and every personalised email that Amazon sends.

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Internet marketing strategies of Amazon

In the upcoming section, we have highlighted a number of online marketing strategies Amazon uses to promote its products and increase its sales.

Data-driven strategy

Amazon invested a lot of money in conducting customer research. To better target their audience, they wanted to understand how people shop. According to Amazon, certain buying habits are common among regular customers. For instance, data is gathered on when and how much a person spends when making a purchase. Every year, Amazon shares its results in a report on consumer behaviour.

By investigating consumer behaviour, you can learn why people are buying from you and whether there are any barriers to their purchases. In order to reach your target market, you can also understand how and when to promote your products

Customer-oriented ethos
In order to boost sales, Amazon has embraced a customer-centric philosophy. To assist clients with a range of questions, they provide an accessible customer support website. They employ this customer-centred mentality since they are aware of the advantages of catering to your clients. Personalised recommendations are given to each consumer based on their past browsing activity and previous purchases.

They are more likely to return and make another purchase as a result of these efforts. The importance of the customer experience in producing revenue may be shown in the fact that most customers are more inclined to make future purchases following a satisfying interaction with the customer care team.

Putting focus on technological growth
Amazon has a reputation for striving to advance technology. That this goal has been incorporated into its business model is not surprising. For instance, early on, when Amazon was primarily selling books, the business made the decision to attempt something new. They produced the Kindle e-reader, Kindle Fire, and Amazon’s tablet computer. Over time, Amazon started to sell more eBooks than paper books, which gave them the opportunity to expand their product line.

They have achieved success by concentrating on the promise that technology has and expanding their company in that way. Amazon has also demonstrated a desire to investigate different product areas. They have continued to be faithful to their initial audience market, nevertheless.

Support of user-generated content
The ability for customers to leave reviews on products is arguably one of the most effective components of Amazon’s marketing plan. The fact that the vast majority of individuals read online feedback before making a purchase demonstrates how successful this tactic is. Reviews of products on Amazon are frequently accompanied by images from customers. These evaluations aid other prospective buyers in deciding whether or not to buy the product.

Therefore, it becomes more trustworthy when you let your items speak for themselves. Highlighting the user-generated material that receives the highest acclaim is the only effective strategy to achieve this. Real people’s endorsements of the things they adore can persuade other potential purchasers. Because consumers are aware that the author is providing their genuine ideas about their items, this kind of content comes off as more trustworthy.

Making use of digital channels
Reaching partners and customers has been a key component of Amazon’s marketing strategy. Amazon’s strategy includes the use of social media, associates’ programmes, sponsored search, and email advertising. Amazon uses email marketing to advertise new arrivals, holiday deals, discounts, and other things. Amazon may put their adverts in front of their target market by using digital media. This strategy works because Amazon is aware of exactly where their target is and where to place their material. You can determine the best ways to reach your audience by researching where they hang out.

Promoting collaborations
As part of its marketing plan, Amazon collaborates with other companies to increase connections and sales. To reap the same advantages, you can collaborate with other businesses. Collaborations should be profitable for both parties. To find the best collaboration, give yourself permission to be open about your business’s objectives. To increase the variety of products available on their website, Amazon has collaborated with other businesses. To suit customer requests, the organisation has formed partnerships with more than a thousand different companies.


In this article, we have gone over Amazon’s online strategies and its internet marketing plans and actions it usually takes. For a better understanding of Amazon’s marketing strategy and more in-depth ideas about Amazon advertising agency, visit us at our site!

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