Pay Per Click company in chennai

Pay Per Click company in chennai

Convert clicks into sales with
the top PPC advertisement agency in chennai!
Convert clicks into sales with
the top PPC advertisement agency in chennai!

Best PPC Agency/ Company in Chennai

CONVERT YOUR CLICKS INTO SALES IMMEDIATELY with the help of the top PPC company in Chennai.

Your website must be always seen at the top of the search engine ( Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) to get seamless business opportunities. But, what if your website is brand new or you have just started your SEO process & It may take up to 6 months to rank at the top.

Then? How will you get leads in this mean time?

Here’s the solution, PPC ads.

You can invest in PPC ads and get more leads in just a few days/weeks.

We help businesses to get quality traffic, leads and conversion quickly with our PPC services. We excel in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, Want more clicks, quality traffic, leads, sales? You need ppc experts in chennai for your business. Consult us now!

Best pay per click agency in chennai

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-per-click. This term is used to represent a payment model of internet marketers. According to this model, the advertiser has to pay certain amount whenever the ad is clicked. Indeed , it is a method to buy visitors to your website instead of getting them organically.

PPC model is used in Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook & Instagram ads, Linkedin ads and more

How do we do PPC advertisements?

We follow these amazing steps in ppc campaigns to get more clicks & conversion for your business.
Let’s talk in detail. Consult Us Now!

PPC company in chennai

Step 1: Objective

We carefully listen, research and understand your business objectives in order to proceed with the PPC campaigns. The clear idea about the objective helps us to come up with a better strategy for a successful campaign.

PPC agency in chennai

Step 2: Platform selection

We analyze your business, Market competition & the target audience to choose the right social media platform for PPC.
As the best search engine marketing agency in Chennai, we excel in Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, Search Ads, Facebook Ads, Display Ads, Linkedin Ads, Shopping Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads.

pay per click company in chennai

Step 3: Compelling ad copy

We write/design excellent ad copy which is optimal for the selected platform to get high Click-Through-Rate.

Pay per click agency in chennai

Step 4: Targeting

We target a highly relevant target audience for your business. So, this saves your money spent on unwanted click from an irrelevant audience.
When comes to search engine ads , we analyze and choose the most effective keywords.

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Step 5: Landing Page Optimization

We create and optimize an excellent landing page for ads to extract optimal conversion. We take care of the relevancy of landing page to the ad, user experience , enquiry form etc.,

best ppc companies chennai

Step 6: Analyze, optimize, report

We analyze the campaign, optimize the campaign for best performance and report the progress to the client with utmost transparency.

Why PPC SO Important?

Fastest Method

SEO gives promised results but it may take up to 3 months to 1 year to generate leads.

High ROI

If used correctly, PPC gives high ROI that too very quickly. For example, You spent some 10 Rs per click in PPC ad and that click gives an 1000Rs of sale. Woo-hoo!, you have got 100x on ROI.

This is the power of PPC ads.


PPC comes with the biggest advantage of retargeting. You can retarget people who have shown interest in your product/service.

Brand awareness

PPC ads can provide an excellent brand awareness for your business with lower cost. Also, you will be charged only for clicked ads so all the other impressions can evoke brand awareness to a great exten

What are all our PPC Services?

What are all our PPC Services?

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How we are unique from others?


  • No fake promises

  • On time delivery of service

  • Weekly report

  • Utmost transparency

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Excellent client support

  • PPC expert support at anytime

  • Continuous campaign monitoring & optimization

  • Low cost per click


Got a query about PPC advertising? Feel free to contact ConsultUSNOW – 9965417201. ConsultUsNow – The best PPC advertising agency in Chennai is here to covert the clicks to the clients. We are the best Digital Marketing agency in Chennai. We do more than PPC services. We can provide you Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing, Web development & maintenance. And we do create SEO friendly content for your website. ConsultUsNow! Ph: 9965417201 Mail :

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