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We live in the era of social media. Social Media has the world’s most attention. If you want your product/service to be known for your customers, as social media marketing experts, we will suggest you have the right social media marketing strategy.

All you have to do is pick the right platform for your business, post relevant, regular, engaging content in selected platforms and engage with your customer queries, comments etc., importantly, respond to your customers negative feedback in the positive way., and so on…

Want to have a strong social media presence but don’t have enough time & resources?

We are the solution for you! Give it to us , we will handle everything for you!

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What is
social media marketing?

Social Media marketing is part of digital / internet/ online marketing. In SMM, brands use social media channels to attract, engage, retain their customers with the help of relevant content & information such as offers, coupon codes, special events, etc.

Why SMM so important?

Brand awareness

Social media presence of your brand puts you in front of the customer who is still not aware of your brand.

Better engagement with the customers

Social media platforms provides the opportunity to follow the brands. This way the brand and the customer can be connected always. Brands can use this opportunity to engage with their customers.

Brand loyalty

When the brand engages with the brand persistently then they build a rapport with the customer. This makes them to be loyal for the brands with strong brand presence

Better understanding of customers

Brands can understand the customers very well with social media. Businesses can get an idea of who their customers are?, what they do?, what they are interested in ? what they are talking about? and more.
With this understanding, the brand can post content which resonates with the audience interest.

Outperform competitors

Your competitors are already in social media and customers are talking about you and your competitors’ brand. So, in order to outperform competitors, your brand must do well in social media channels.

Targeted traffic

Brands can get highly targeted traffic to the website. The traffic from social media page is more likely to convert because they are well aware of your brand and its values.

How we do social media marketing?

Here’s the step by step of our social media marketing process. Let’s talk in detail. Consult Us Now!

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Step 1: Social Media Selection

There are n-number of social media platforms available in the market. And the count increases day by day exponentially. It makes the selection of the right platform very difficult for many businesses. We, Consultusnow – the best social media marketing agency in Chennai, will be ultra-careful in analyzing & selecting the right platform for your business.

Top SMM agencies in chennai

Step 2: Brand presence

Does your competitor does really well in social media? Do you want to compete with them? Have you created a social media profile? & not sure of what to post? Do you post something regularly in social media platforms? & No engagement from the audience?

Don’t worry. We are here to help you out.
  • We can create your brand profile in relevant platforms.
  • Post relevant and valuable content regularly.
  • Drive engagement to your brand
  • Ultimately more leads & ROI

Top SMM company in chennai

Step 3: Fan building

We give our utmost care to generate the content which gets the attention of the audience. We create content which is valuable for your audience as well as your business. We pour our sweat & blood to build fans for your brand.

Top SMM companies in chennai

Step 4: Social media advertising

We take your brand’s voice to your audience with the help of the right social media advertising. With our social media advertising practice, you can generate more leads & ROI. We are well-versed in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube.

Top social media companies in chennai

Step 5:Social Media Monitoring

We monitor what people say about your brand and the competitor brand across various social media channels. This gives us an understanding of customer expectations across your industry. Accordingly, we create content and publish it to your audience.

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Step 6:Customer relationship management

Good CRM is a key block in building your brand image. Be it positive or negative, the feedback/comments from the audience must be addressed in order to maintain a good relationship with the audience. So, our social media experts respond to your customer feedback & questions as quick as possible.

Social media advertising company in chennai

Step 7: Analyze, Optimize, Report

We carefully analyze the progress in social media marketing and understand the key performance area and area of improvement. Then we apply our strategies to optimize the performance. We express the utmost transparency in reporting the progress to the client.
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How we are unique from others?

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    • On time delivery of service

    • Weekly report

    • Utmost transparency

    • Reasonable pricing

    • Excellent client support

    • SEO specialists support at anytime

    • You own your content for 100%


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