Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing


We live in a Social Media Era. Agree? We know you will.


Social Media has the world’s most attention. If you want your product to be known for your customers, as social media marketing experts, we will suggest you have the right social media marketing strategy.


Social Media Selection


There are n-number of social media platforms available in the market. And the count increases day by day exponentially. It makes the selection of the right platform very difficult for many businesses. We, Consultusnow – the best social media marketing agency in Chennai, will be ultra-careful in analyzing & selecting the right platform for your business.


Brand presence


Does your competitor does really well in social media?

Do you want to compete with them?

Have you created a social media profile? & not sure of what to post?

Do you post something regularly in social media platforms? & No engagement from the audience?


Don’t worry. We are here to help you out.

  • We can create your brand profile in relevant platforms.

  • Post relevant and valuable content regularly.

  • Drive engagement to your brand

  • Ultimately more leads & ROI


Fan building


We give our utmost care to generate the content which gets the attention of the audience. We create content which is valuable for your audience as well as your business. We pour our sweat & blood to build fans for your brand.


Social media advertising


We take your brand’s voice to your audience with the help of the right social media advertising. With our social media advertising practice, you can generate more leads & ROI. We are well-versed in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube.


Social Media Monitoring


We monitor what people say about your brand and the competitor brand across various social media channels. This gives us an understanding of customer expectations across your industry. Accordingly, we create content and publish it to your audience.


Customer relationship management


Good CRM is a key block in building your brand image. Be it positive or negative, the feedback/comments from the audience must be addressed in order to maintain a good relationship with the audience. So, our social media experts respond to your customer feedback & questions as quick as possible.


Analyze, Optimize, Report


We carefully analyze the progress in social media marketing and understand the key performance area and area of improvement. Then we apply our strategies to optimize the performance. We express the utmost transparency in reporting the progress to the client.

What is Social Media Marketing?


Social Media marketing is part of digital / internet/ online marketing. In SMM, brands use social media channels to attract, engage, retain their customers with the help of relevant content & information such as offers, coupon codes, special events, etc. SMM can be done freely or it can be done with the help of the top social media agencies like ConsultUsNow.


Why should you do social media marketing?

  • Your customers are active in social media

  • They do search for your brand in various social platforms

  • People discuss your brand & competitor brand in Social media


So, you must do social media marketing in order to be successful or even to sustain 9n the competitive market.


Why should you hire us?


You may not have time to manage all the social profiles or you may not have enough staff members and useful tools for SMM. So, you can hire social media agencies to do SMM.


But wait? There are plenty of social media marketing agencies available in the market.

Which is the best social media marketing company?


Many social media marketing agencies just do a mediocre job.


But we, ConsultUsNow – the best social media marketing agency in Chennai, give sweat & blood to build your brand.


So, Consult Us Now to take your business to the top of the market.

Got a query about Social Media Marketing?


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ConsultUsNow – Social Media Marketing agency in Chennai is here to lift your leads & ROI.



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