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How to utilise various tools provided by Facebook to grow your business?

Best Facebook Tools To Grow Your Business

Best Facebook Tools To Grow Your Business​

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Facebook is a crucial tool for small business sales and social media marketing because it has more than 2.91 billion active users. You may engage with clients and provide essential details about your company, goods, and services, as well as future events, by creating a Facebook business page. Reaching new clients is made simple and efficient with Facebook and Messenger ads. Businesses trying to find ways to contact customers while adhering to the platform’s best practices are frequently hit with curveballs by the Facebook algorithm. A recent report by Facebook itself claims that the network actually ended 2019 with a marked gain in earnings, user activity, and ad impressions. The platform therefore still has a ton of marketing possibilities. Facebook provides sophisticated and comprehensive built-in features for business pages and marketers. Utilising the appropriate Facebook tools to carry out your marketing plan not only makes your work simpler, but it also improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your business. Testing advertisements to examine engagement are all parts of a good Facebook marketing plan. As a result, there are some fantastic Facebook tools available that can aid in moving your Facebook marketing strategy ahead by providing insights, contests, advertising, and more. Confused as to what tools may help you? Worry not, for we have compiled this article for you to give you a beginner’s idea about different Facebook marketing tools and as an introduction to Facebook marketing agency.

Hootsuite Composer

A proactive approach should be the first step in any successful marketing plan. This entails organizing your social media postings in advance and setting them to go live at the peak times of your target audience’s activity.

Hootsuite Composer can be used in this situation. With the help of this Facebook marketing tool, you can write, modify, and manage your posts all from one place.

Utilize Hootsuite Composer as a Facebook tool to simultaneously develop and publish content to a number of Facebook Pages. Additionally, you can quickly add expert images, videos, or your own content marketing to your articles before you publish them using Hootsuite’s Media Library.


ShortStack, a complete Facebook campaign tool, makes it simple to add any kind of campaign—a mind-boggling array of choices, really—to your page. ShortStack provides templates from which to develop campaigns, or you may create one from scratch using an easy-to-use visual editor.

Using ShortStack, you can launch a campaign in a matter of minutes. You’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan if you want more sophisticated options for your campaign and to get rid of the ShortStack branding.


To stay in touch with your customers across all of your platforms, you may use the tool Adview to keep tabs on the comments people are leaving on your Facebook advertising.

With Adview, you can watch advertisements on up to three Facebook accounts, respond to comments on Facebook and Instagram ads, use statistics to determine which ads receive the most feedback, and create and save self-assembling text and image responses.


Create Facebook tabs that are unique to you, hold contests, make a cover image or a visual post, schedule posts, and find material by connecting to Pagemodo.

Similar to the design tool Canva, Pagemodo’s cover creation tool provides you with the dimensions, which you then fill out and arrange the photographs on. Designing visual posts utilises a similar framework. Within Pagemodo, you may post directly to Facebook by selecting the template and tune it with your own material.

EdgeRank Checker

With some really cool graphs and charts for their free score and additional features page suggestions and key metrics—for their paid plans, EdgeRank Checker, which is owned by Social Bakers, one of our favourite social media research sites, provides a thorough overview and analysis of a Facebook page.

Facebook Live
Another practical tool that has steadily grown in popularity over the years is Facebook Live. According to Facebook, one in five videos are now broadcast using the Facebook Live tool. As a result, Facebook Live video is a potent tool for attracting new followers and interacting with existing ones. To engage and entertain your online audience, you may use Facebook Live to stage concerts, host polls, or even host quiz nights. You will see a significant increase in interaction by using Facebook Live. Visit our website to find out more about these Facebook marketing tools and to find out more about any Facebook advertising agency.
Facebook native planner

Plan your social media material in advance by creating, modifying, and scheduling posts using your Facebook Business Suite if you want to keep to the fundamentals.

This official Facebook feature, which is integrated into the platform, makes it simple to schedule material in advance, helping you to keep organised and in front of your audience.

Facebook Sound Collection

When you upload video content on the platform, you can use royalty-free music tracks from The Facebook Sound Collection. To create the ideal atmosphere for your upcoming Facebook video, you may search for free sounds by genre, phrases, vocals, and more. You don’t need to be concerned about annoying copywriting laws because Facebook owns all the noise.

You can use the Facebook Sound Collection to find audio tracks for your videos, obtain sound effects for your videos, and improve the quality of your live video content. You may make videos that are more polished and interesting with the help of the Facebook Sound Collection. Utilise this tool to enhance your Facebook marketing plan.

Hootsuite Social advertising

Your Facebook ad campaigns may require ongoing administration and optimization, which might take time. Ads need to be optimised across channels and accounts, performance must be tracked, and prototypes need to be created.

You can manage each of your Facebook ad campaigns in one location with Hootsuite Social Advertising. You can track campaign outcomes in real-time, get detailed information on performance, adjust campaigns for better results, and manage your Facebook advertising without having to rely on guesswork thanks to this Facebook feature.

For those who wish to save time and maximise the effectiveness of their Facebook ad campaigns, this Facebook tool is ideal.

Facebook Blueprint

You can stay current on the newest social advertising trends thanks to Facebook Blueprint’s courses, tips, and training modules. Every marketer may find a course on Facebook Blueprint that will help them, whether they want to update their KPIs, learn how to optimise their advertisements, or try out new ad forms.

Use this Facebook feature to promote learning within internal teams or to aid in client training on the outside. You may discover at your own pace and on your own schedule thanks to the free, self-paced nature of the courses. You can also get a certificate of completion after finishing a course to show off to your co-workers or clients.


In this article, we have highlighted a few tools that are provided and supported by Facebook to help you market and grow your business. If you wish to learn more about such tools to help you market on Facebook and gain more knowledge about any Facebook advertising agency, visit our site!

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