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Don’t Expect Sales If You Are Not Doing These In Your Online Store

Don’t Expect Sales If You Are Not Doing These In Your Online Store

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In today’s digital age, having an online store is no longer an option but a necessity for any business to stay competitive. However, setting up an online store is just the beginning. To succeed in the e-commerce world, you need to ensure that your online store meets the customers’ expectations and offers them a seamless shopping experience. In this blog post, we will discuss some essential elements that are crucial for any online store to succeed and attract customers. From pricing to high-quality product images and a secure payment gateway, we’ll cover everything that you need to know to ensure that your online store gets the attention it deserves.

Not Low, Not High, Just Right Pricing

Setting the right price for your product or service is crucial for the success of your business. If your price is too low, customers may perceive your product as low quality or cheap, which can negatively impact your brand image and reduce your profitability. On the other hand, if your price is too high, customers may be discouraged from purchasing your product and seek out competitors who offer similar products at lower prices.

To strike a balance between these two extremes, you need to determine the perceived value of your product in the eyes of your target market. Factors such as the quality of the product, the reputation of the brand, and the target market segment can all influence the perceived value of your product.

For instance, if your product is of high quality and your brand has a strong reputation, customers may be willing to pay a premium price for your product. Similarly, if your target market consists of affluent consumers who value luxury and exclusivity, you may be able to set a higher price point for your product.

On the other hand, if your product is of lower quality or your brand is not well-known, you may need to set a lower price point to attract customers and build your brand reputation. Additionally, if your target market consists of price-sensitive consumers who prioritize affordability over other factors, a lower price point may be necessary to capture their attention.

Ultimately, finding the right price for your product requires a careful analysis of your target market, competition, and the perceived value of your product. By setting a price that is neither too low nor too high, you can attract customers, build brand loyalty, and maximize your profitability.

 Not Low, Not High – Just Right Price Wins!

High-quality Product Images

High-quality product images are crucial in e-commerce, as they help potential customers better understand the product and make informed purchasing decisions. By providing multiple angles of the product, customers can get a complete view of what they’re buying, which can help to build trust and credibility with your brand.

It’s important to ensure that your product images are well-lit, visually appealing, and accurately represent the product. Poor quality or misleading images can lead to negative feedback and returns, which can be costly for your business.

One of the benefits of using high-quality product images is that they can increase sales. When customers are able to see the product in detail and understand its features, they’re more likely to make a purchase. In fact, studies have shown that products with high-quality images are more likely to sell than those with poor quality images or no images at all.

Moreover, high-quality images can also reduce the likelihood of negative feedback and returns. When customers receive a product that matches the image they saw online, they’re less likely to be disappointed and more likely to leave positive feedback. This can help to build a positive reputation for your brand and encourage repeat business. 

Secure Payment Gateway

A secure payment gateway is an essential component of any successful e-commerce business. It provides customers with the assurance that their personal and financial information is being kept safe and secure during the transaction process. This can build trust with customers and increase the likelihood of making a purchase.

Including all types of payment methods can also improve the customer experience and make it more convenient for them to complete their purchase. Some customers may prefer to use a credit card, while others may prefer to use a debit card or UPI. By offering a variety of payment options, you can accommodate different preferences and increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.

A secure payment gateway can also protect your business from fraudulent transactions, which can be a major problem in the e-commerce industry. With a secure payment gateway in place, you can reduce the risk of chargebacks and other forms of fraud, and protect your revenue and reputation.

It’s important to choose a payment gateway provider that is reputable and trustworthy. Look for providers with a proven track record of success and strong security measures in place. You should also consider the fees associated with different payment methods and choose a provider that offers competitive pricing.

  • Cash On Delivery – Including cash on delivery as a payment option can increase the accessibility of your store to customers who prefer not to make an online payment. Especially if you are a new brand, customers will be slightly resistant to make the payment because they may have the doubt whether they will receive the product or not. So , enable COD, send the product, delight them with the quality, and build a customer base.
  • Website Speed – A slow website can frustrate customers and they may give up purchasing from you. Make it ultra fast, easy to navigate, give them the best user experience, then they will make the purchase.
  • Clear shipping and return policy A clear shipping and return policy is crucial in establishing trust with potential customers and can significantly impact their decision to make a purchase. A transparent and easy-to-understand shipping policy will inform your customers about the estimated delivery time, shipping costs, and the methods used to deliver the product. This information will allow customers to make informed decisions and avoid any confusion or misunderstanding regarding delivery.

    Similarly, a clear and customer-friendly return policy can also help alleviate any anxiety or concern customers may have about making a purchase. This policy should include details such as the time frame within which a return can be made, the conditions under which a return can be accepted, and any associated costs or fees. This will not only provide customers with peace of mind but also demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

It is important to note that a competitive shipping and return policy can be a key differentiator between you and your competitors. Customers are more likely to choose a seller who offers a hassle-free and transparent shipping and return policy. This can also increase the likelihood of repeat purchases, as satisfied customers are more likely to return for future purchases


Having an online store is not enough to guarantee sales and success. To attract customers and generate sales, you need to ensure that your online store meets the customers’ expectations and offers them a seamless shopping experience. From pricing to high-quality product images and a secure payment gateway, everything matters when it comes to online shopping. Keep these essential elements in mind and watch your online store thrive!