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Is Instagram Marketing Worth It?

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Is intagram marketing worth it?

Is Instagram Marketing Worth It?

Blog / Is Instagram Marketing Worth It?


Many entrepreneurs of small companies question whether they should include Instagram marketing in their marketing strategy.

However, many companies still view it as something where people go to pass the time. But they forget an important factor: Instagram is also a platform for users to interact with their favorite companies and discover new brands.

If you’re wondering how an application created for posting photos may be useful in your company’s marketing strategy, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Instagram was created primarily as an application for sharing photos with your loved ones, but this was the case a few years ago. But it has evolved into a lot more beyond that over time. It is one of the most active and widely used platforms these days by influencers, companies, huge brands, celebrities, and both large and small entrepreneurs.  

In this article, let’s examine whether Instagram marketing is still worthwhile. Should your company begin its Instagram journey?

What is Instagram Marketing?

An Instagram marketing strategy is simply another way to distribute your marketing materials online. A great advantage of Instagram is that many are using it to market to a broader audience by implementing influencer marketing.  Some of the most common Instagram marketing techniques are: 
  • Natural Content: Videos, Images, Carousels, Reels, Stories. 
  • Paid Content:advertisements on Instagram, such as Stories ads, Shopping advertisements, and more. 
  • Influencer marketing
  • Shopping Tools: Shop tabs, product labels, an online catalog, live shopping, and Instagram Checkout

Why Market on Instagram?

Following Facebook, Instagram has the second-highest number of users. More than two billion users use it every month. Instagram has a visual focus, which gives it a unique benefit over other social media sites. Instagram is a great platform to showcase content from businesses that have products that benefit from design or services that have a visible end result.

The best kind of content to publish on Instagram are videos, images, and illustrations, however, the marketing strategy you have will eventually decide what kinds of content you produce and how frequently to post them.  Before diving into an Instagram platform, define your goals and, most importantly, know who your audience is. 

How to Create a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy?

Instagram needs a unique marketing approach because it differs greatly from other well-known social media platforms. To create a distinctive look for your brand, start here.

Define Your Goals

Question yourself or your team members before you begin posting on Instagram: Why are you using it? No matter how well-liked the platform is, you shouldn’t respond with “… because everyone else does.” You need a clear purpose and goals in order to justify your time, effort, and financial investment if you want to succeed on Instagram over the long term.

Perhaps you want to use the Instagram platform for sharing and marketing your products to buyers, to show off portfolio content so that those who follow are able to see your good or service in action, to merely boost brand awareness by sharing inspirational quotes and entertaining images, or to publish content created by others so that followers can see real consumers using your service or good. 

No matter the reason, ensure to establish your Instagram goals as soon as possible. Guess what? You can share user-generated content (UGC) and pictures of products on Instagram to accomplish a number of goals. The kind of posts you publish are less important than the reason you have for doing so. Knowing why will help you use Instagram Analytics tools to evaluate your achievements.

Identify Your Instagram Target Audience

Before you start Instagram marketing, decide who you want to reach. If you already have other marketing plans in place, make use of them to keep your efforts on track. Don’t forget to take into account elements like age, place of residence, gender, income, passions, and pain points. 

You’re not sure where to begin. Keep an eye on trending topics and hashtags relating to your industry. Check out the profiles of those who are using and participating in these hashtags. Additionally, you can glance at the followers of your competitors as well. Identifying your audience on Instagram is simple.

Perform a Competitive Analysis

Check out what other marketers in your field are posting on Instagram after you’ve determined your Instagram audience. If you are already familiar with your primary competitors, start by looking through their Instagram accounts. If not, look for accounts similar to yours by searching for terms associated with your business and sector. 

Examine a few closely comparable accounts to observe what content is receiving the most engagement, what trending hashtags are being used, what the captions are, how frequently they post, and how quickly their following is expanding. You can use this data as a baseline as you begin expanding your own account.

Create a Calendar

You can manage your presence on Instagram and save time by developing an editorial calendar. Plan your descriptions, hashtags, and publishing times in advance while adding a few different Instagram posts to your calendar. 

The significant events you want to emphasize on your Instagram page, such as the debut of new products or limited-time deals, can be noted in your calendar. With an editorial calendar, you can remain alert for immediate opportunities instead of rushing last-minute posts.

Consistently Build Your Instagram Brand

Random or discontinuous content will confuse your audience, resulting in losing them. The best way to avoid this is to keep your Instagram account on track with your brand’s style. Consider your brand’s personality when you decide how this should appear to be. What values guide your brand? What would your clients and staff say about your brand? 

Once you’ve identified your brand personality, adjust your content to reflect it. Not just images are included in the brand style. Post photos with your marketing narrative in mind as well. Your brand may become more relatable by telling engaging stories in the captions you provide.

Get More Instagram Followers

It requires tremendous effort and time to increase your following. Here are some things you can do to build your following:
  • Be sure that your username can be found and recognized. People won’t be able to follow you if they can’t locate you! Give them a brief bio. Include your name and your occupation because that is the final thing people see before deciding whether or not to follow you.
  • Start posting after your profile is ready. Before you truly begin to attract users, it’s best to fill your feed with 10 to 15 posts of excellent quality.
  • Then, begin to follow accounts related to your business that attract you. 
  • Engage with the content of accounts you’ve followed. An account’s owner will be notified when you engage with it.

Features of Instagram Marketing

You should make use of the following Instagram features while developing your Instagram marketing strategy. 
  • Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories is a means to communicate with your audience more directly, and with upgrades like the ability to link to accounts as well, add stickers, and use shoppable tags, it’s also developed into a fantastic tool for promoting goods.
  • Use of hashtags: Using hashtags is a huge component of Instagram. Users have more opportunities to communicate with companies and other users when they include the hashtag in their posts because anyone who uses it can see them. 
Now you might be familiar with the importance of Instagram for business. Why not spend a few minutes reading Why is Instagram so effective for marketing to provide you a better understanding of your marketing efforts? 

How Can an Instagram Marketing Agency Assist You?

You should now be able to see the worth of Instagram marketing and see how useful it can be for developing your brand online and bringing in fresh clients and customers. However, most entrepreneurs can find it hard to produce engaging, interesting Instagram stories or posts every day.  An Instagram marketing company like Consult us Now can assist you in creating a brand on the platform that will draw in a large following and attract people to visit you again and again.  Here are just a few ways an Instagram marketing company can use to increase your platform influence. 
  1. Create Interesting Content: Our Instagram marketing agency will fill the feed of your Instagram account with the thoughtful, informative, and entertaining posts your followers are looking for. 
  2. Increase Your Followers: Years of knowledge and experience have taught our team what it requires to gain followers as well as keep them engaged with your platform’s content. 
  3. Increase Your Overall Engagement: A huge number of followers is awesome. But in terms of Instagram marketing, engagement is really the key. More engagement builds more trust. More trust implies Increased customer loyalty, new sales, and overall revenue. This requires a lot of effort and planning, but the payoff in the long run is worth it. 


To summarize, Instagram has a wealth of opportunities to establish businesses, and if you’re not using it, you’re missing it out. The best practices outlined in this article can help you get started, but every Instagram success story draws on its very own creativity to stand out. 

If you’re searching for an Instagram marketing strategy for your business, it’s generally a good idea to consult with an expert who can help you find the best approach for your needs. It will save you valuable time while helping you avoid mistakes along the way.