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How to find guest blog sites?

How to Find Guest Blog Sites? ​


Over the years, SEO optimization has led to various link-building strategies, some may be spammy and some not. 

One of the link-building strategies that work well in the current days is guest blogging. Maybe some questions arise in your mind. 

For example:

  • How to find guest blogging websites? 
  • How to build the opportunity for quality links that should improve your SEO?
  • How to improve your visibility in your niche?

Don’t worry! Finding out guest blogging sites may look difficult. But you can overcome with the given tactics. Here is your way to seek out nice guest blogging sites with four easy tactics.

Move towards, Let me show you the ways to seek out the tactics!


Find lists of guest posting sites

Do you know? Guest blogging is such a well-liked and widespread tactic.

Thus, guest blogging leads to plenty of lists that are created by different bloggers with blogs from all types of niches. 

Simultaneously, they are classified by topic and placed so as of their domain authority. 

This may help you to determine the simplest opportunities to search the list of sites that accept guest posts.

A quick google search will raise various lists of blogs that accept guest posts. So, all you have to do is Google search correctly.

Let me give some examples:

“List of blogs that accept guest posts”. 

Further as “List of – your keyword – blogs that accept guest posts”. It will increase you chance of getting more guest blogging sites.

If you discover these sorts of lists, you should analyze and confirm the sites are still accepting guest posts.

Maybe the given number of lists is often quite previous and not all of them are properly researched.

Further, check whether or not the prosecuting sites remain as high and though they are still publishing new content in the article. 


Google your search terms

One of the best ways to seek out guest blogging websites is to google your search terms.

There is a range of search terms that can help you to realize various websites that are essential. Also,  you need to begin the search along with your keywords.

For example:

If you were searching for selling articles that accept guest posts, you would attempt numerous mixtures of keywords related to selling.

Such as: 

  • digital marketing, 
  • online marketing, 
  • Internet marketing, 
  • social media marketing, 
  • content marketing, etc.,

Additionally, use these keywords in all the subsequent search terms:

  • guest blog or guest post,
  • write to us,
  • submit an article and submit a guest post,
  • contribute a guest post and contribute to our blog,
  • become a guest blogger,
  • guest blogging guidelines and contributor guidelines,
  • send a tip,
  • guest post by and guest author.

By this, you can not only explore primary numbers of pages and various pages of results.


Hunt for guest blogging sites in reverse

Another way to find relevant guest blogging sites is to track your competitors and find out which sites they used for guest blogging.  

Let’s track your competitors in some given ways!

First spot bloggers within the same niche who have already guest blogged plenty. 

Once you follow common blogs in your niche you can notice that guests blogged on a number of the favored sites in your niche.

So look them up to envision if that’s a method they use fairly often.

You can hunt for this by the given search queries:

  • “guest post by”
  • “a guest contribution by”

Once you have got a list of names prepared, then use a backlink tool to envision what alternative backlinks are. 

Not all of them are going to be guest blogs, however, if you found somebody who guests blogs plenty, you’re possible to know quite a few gems in those lists. 

Find their main website then use a backlink checker like Monitor Backlinks. Then, merely bear their list of backlinks to those wherever they guest blog.


Use tools to discover guest blogging

Another technique for locating guest blogging opportunities is to find numerous tools to assist with your research. 

For example:

  • Content analysis tools,
  • Social listening tools, and
  • Audience overlap tools.

Here you are going to discover the most useful and functional tools that are very much crucial to anyone who are discovering guest blogs. These tools will not only help you keep track of your process which has become a very widely used link building tactic.


Content analysis tools

You can use tools to appear on guest blogs. Merely search your topic keywords as “guest post” or “guest post by”. This may assist you to realize relevant blogs that accept guest blogs.

The simplest half is, that a number of them won’t even have a “write for us” page.

However, as you probably did realize a guest blog on their article, its price reaching intent on raising them simply just in case.


Social listening tools

Some enable you to look at the complete internet whereas others focus exclusively on the observance of social media – each choice will yield nice results.


For example: 


You can use social listening tools rather than you would on Google. 


Social listening tools can help in locating guest blog sites by keeping track of conversations and mentions in your field on social media platforms. Then you may analyze their sites and assess them as potential guest blogging sites by finding the people or groups that are discussing topics associated with your company.


Audience Overlap tool

Another handy tool is the audience Overlap tool that helps to get potential guest blogging sites.
Audience overlap tools can help in finding guest blogging sites By locating websites that share or overlap with your own website’s audience. After you have located such websites, you may assess them to see if they are suitable for publishing your guest post.

Additionally, these tools offer details on the backlinks and traffic sources for the identified sites. This might help you in assessing the worth and relevancy of the websites and deciding whether to pursue them for a guest blog


Now you may understand that guest blogging is still an extremely effective link-building technique. 

Also, it is a good way to reach a wider audience, drive a lot of traffic to your website, and show your worth as a plan leader in your niche. So, utilize these given tactics to find more guest blogging sites.

I hope this article will be helpful for you to find guest blog sites.


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