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What we have done for our clients?

What we have done for our clients?

One year of hard work and dedication has resulted in a 2400% 💥 increase in monthly traffic for one of our clients.

Going from 500 visitors to 12,000 is a testimony to our SEO strategies. We continuously balanced our efforts in both On-page and Off-page Strategies. 

Especially, we have outreached to 1000’s of websites for guest posting. Those efforts gradually led us to this massive 2400% growth in an year

chart, line chart

300 Organic Leads in a Month Just from ONE Particular Page!!

For three months in a row, we have generated 300+ organic leads per month for one of our clients.

Instead of ranking for a bunch of local keywords with average search volumes, We have focused on and ranked “One Global Keyword with High Volume” and that helped us to get more than enough leads for a month.

Pros of this strategy :

✅ High Traffic

✅ Highly Qualified leads

Lead Generation

Outranked Competitor in just 2 months !!

We worked with the catering brand’s SEO. This client had a unique problem, his brother also had the same business with a very similar domain name. Whenever people searched for his domain, his brother’s website was shown at the top of SERP.

But within 2 months, we outranked the competitor with extensive off-page and on-page SEO activities.

For an Entertainment Affiliate site for Zee5, Within a month, we have increased the traffic from 500 Monthly hits to 10000 monthly hits.


We made it possible by fixing the indexing issues, introducing more blogs, proper H1, H2,….H6 tags, image optimization and content optimization.

How do we do SEO for your website?

We follow the below process to do SEO for your website. Let’s talk in detail. Contact Us Now!

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Step 1: Business analysis

We analyze and understand the business requirement before even committing to the business. We do the depth analysis of your business, market & the target audience.So that we can get the current scenario of the business and elevate it to the next level shortly.

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Step 2: Website & SEO audit

Your website is reviewed by our SEO experts in chennai on the basis of SEO , user experience, content quality and more important signals for better performance. If you don’t have a website we can do web development and optimize it for Search engines.

Top seo company in chennai

Step 3: Competitor analysis

We critically analyze your competitor’s search engine presence against your’s. Competitor analysis includes the top landing pages, top keywords which drives traffic for them, which content performs better/worse and more. Finally, we come up with the action plan to outperform them.

Top seo agency in chennai

Step 4: Keyword research

We do meticulous keyword research to choose the right keyword & rank your business. There are three types of keywords , we select the best type of keyword for your business and rank it ASAP.
  • Info Keywords A keyword, let’s say, “What is SEO”- this term is searched when the user wants to know more about the topic.
  • Conversion Keywords The words which are used when the user wants to buy the product/service. Example: The Best SEO agencies in chennai, Top SEO companies in chennai, No 1 SEO services in chennai etc
  • Local Keywords The keywords which are used when a user search for local business or physical location. Ex, SEO companies near me
Often Conversion and Local keywords leads to the conversion/sales whereas info keywords generates the brand awareness. We will suggest and rank the appropriate keywords which can lead to the massive ROI.

Top seo companies in chennai

Step 5: On-page SEO

ConsultUsNow – SEO company in chennai would go the extra mile to rank your website than mere link building and keyword stuffing. Some of our SEO techniques include Keyword research, content optimization , XML Sitemap generation, Robots.txt file optimization, Page title optimization, Correct Meta description, URL optimization, image optimization etc.

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Step 6: Off-page SEO

As a part of Off-page SEO, We do quality backlink building, directory submission, search engine submission, business listing, social bookmarking, article submission, social media profile optimization (example., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc)

search engine optimization in chennai

Step 7: Local SEO

Identify and audit existing accounts across online directories like JustDial, Sulekha, Facebook and more
Optimize your Google My Business page, Facebook page with your business address, location, contact number, map pin location, business hours, reviews etc
Local SEO can be very useful to get the leads from nearby location of your business.

Step 8 : Online Reputation Management

ConsultUsNow – SEO company in chennai would go the extra mile to rank your website than mere link building and keyword stuffing. Some of our SEO techniques include Keyword research, content optimization , XML Sitemap generation, Robots.txt file optimization, Page title optimization, Correct Meta description, URL optimization, image optimization etc.

Step 9 : Reporting

We track, analyze & report the SEO progress of your website with the help of tools like Google Analytics & Google search console, ubersuggest etc. We create transparent and simple report for the better understanding.


"Timely follow up and Good Customer Support. And, important I got many leads from the services also I do renewal and continue the services."
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" I have got my website developed from them. The website was excellent."

" Your SEO services are good. I would like to renew your SEO package"
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SEO – Search engine optimization- is a process of getting the website ranked in first position of  SERP and to retain.
Your website will be linked with google analytics and google search console. You can log in to these accounts and  verify the data which we provide you. Also you can search the terms and check whether it appears in the search engine or not. 🙂

The answer will be YES, If it generates more leads and enquiries , ultimately it leads to conversion/sales and high ROI. 

 But the answer is No in the below two scenarios,

First, You have enough traffic but no lead form submission / enquiry calls/ mails. Then the problem is with the content / website. We have to double check the website and identify what’s wrong and optimize it for great results.

Second, you get more enquiries but no conversion then there may be a problem with the pricing, negotiation or the business pitch to the newly generated lead.  Then we have to analyze and troubleshoot the problem and fix it.


Again it depends on the keyword and competition. Approximately, you can expect high ranking in just 3 to 6 months. But, for some projects / keywords it may take 6 months to one year.

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