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Everything You Need to Know About Guest Blogging

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Everything You Need To Know About Guest Blogging

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Are you looking for the simplest marketing strategies for improving your business? 

Then definitely guest blogging will be your best choice.

Some say it is a waste of your time. Others can assure of it and treat it as an important part of their marketing strategy.

But the reality is, that it is a waste of your time and resources, but, done right, it is a strong fuel for your growth. 

Also, Guest blogging helps to build high-quality backlinks and improve your SEO performance.

That’s why there is a guide given to guest blogging that anyone, from any industry, will know everything about guest blogging. 

Let us know what is guest blogging.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the content marketing strategies that include writing and publishing one or more articles for other websites.

These articles embrace your byline and are highlighted by the editor of that website as being written by a “guest author” or a “contributor”.

Depending on the publication, you may receive compensation for your guest blogging efforts. It is not always possible.

Some publications can provide non-monetary rewards for your post.

Okay, we have covered what is guest blogging.

Now, Let’s dive into the benefits of guest blogging!

Benefits of Guest Blogging

  • Build a profile as an industry expert or a thought leader.
          • Grow your brand and audience on social media.
          • Improve SEO performance and brand awareness.
          • Build authoritative backlinks and relationships.
          • Drive referral traffic and new partnerships e.g. co-marketing partnerships, job offers
          • Drive additional leads, users, and even customers.
I think you may understand the benefits of guest blogging.

Essential Steps to become a Guest Blogger

Now, Let’s dive deep into the essential steps to becoming a successful guest blogger!

Step 1: Set Specific, Measurable Goals

The first step to begin a for becoming a successful guest blogger is to set measurable goals.

These goals can be associated with your business performance or your website performance.

You can make your goal with your choice but make sure that it is smart and clear.

Once you have a transparent goal, it becomes easier to choose the topics you write about, the blogs wherever you wish to publish, how often you will write, and so on. 

Most significantly, a sensible goal helps you to know the tactic that is right for your business. 

Step 2: Choose Profitable Topics

Guest bloggers may fail many times even if they have measurable goals because they focus on the publications rather than the content. 

Focusing on the content is the best strategy that serves your measurable goals.

Whether you are a seasoned blogger or you are simply learning the way to begin a blog, you must build a guest blogging program by choosing topics that serve your measurable goals. The digital marketing agency in Chennai would help you in choosing the topics.

Start by creating a brief list of your top website pages that you just need to promote and embrace in your future guest blogs. 

For every page, analyze your current state, like your monthly SEO traffic, and set a goal that you just need to attain during a sure timeframe of guest blogging. 

So, you will be able to have overall website goals still as page-specific goals.

For each target page, choose a profitable topic that would be helpful for readers. 

Then you should begin to use keyword analysis tools to fuel your profitable topics for future guest posts.


Let’s take a meta-example and say we tend to build a guest blogging strategy around the profitable topic of “guest blogging”. 

We can create different kinds of content beneath the umbrella of this topic: 

how-to articles, thought leadership, case studies, and supreme guides. 

For every form of content, we can find out relevant article ideas using keyword analysis tools.

Step 3: Search for Reputable Guest Blogging Sites

Now that you just have your content topics sorted out, it is time to search out relevant publications and guest blogging sites. Start by focusing on target websites that help to discover guest blogging opportunities and populate your list. Let’s know the best ways!
  • Use Advanced Search Operators.
  • Use Google Reverse Image.
  • Look for lists of top websites that accept guest posts.
  • Check your competitors’ backlinks.
Let’s make sure to prioritize lists and pitch blogs that have!
  • Domain Authority of forty or higher.
  • Spam Score of three percent or lower.
  • Thorough editorial method.

Step 4: Write The Post

After searching for reputable guest blogging sites. This should be the easier step of the method. As long as you have picked content that you just feel passionate about and you have got experience in. You have to set time aside and begin typing. Whether you are just started writing posts or are a seasoned author, here are your ten essential things for writing guest posts:
  • Write long-form, compelling content.
  • Break the text into tiny, edible paragraphs.
  • Optimize for on-page SEO.
  • Use original pictures and graphs to create content additional linkable.
  • Add quotes from friends and influencers.
  • Link to your relevant content and alternative printed guest posts.
  • Link to alternative publications: studies, data, thought leadership, etc.
  • Link internally, to alternative articles from your publisher.
So, with the given ways your guest post is ready.

Step 5: Track Your Posts' Results Over Time

Now, your guest post is ready. Additionally, there’s one step before you decide this project is done: measure the results.

This is the last but arguably most vital step of the method. You want to confirm you mostly compare your results to where you were at the beginning of the method.

Depending on your goals you will be able to have completely different SEO tools to trace different metrics. 

You can use a tool to see everything from changes within the range of backlinks, referring domains, organic traffic performance, or maybe the number of keywords that the website ranks in Google.

Let’s dive into another important thing!

Guest Blogging SEO

Since the way to range your opportunities supported Domain Authority and Spam score, it is important to check the SEO facet of guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a preferred SEO tactic as a result websites that accept guest posts sometimes enable authors to link back to their content or resources, as long as it is sensible for the reader. 

The link is typically placed within the body of the article or the author’s bio. Oftentimes, blog editors place a no-follow hang-on link from guest authors. In the past, that was seen as a “lower-value” backlink as a result of it not carrying any authority. 

With comparatively recent updates, Google has made it public that even “no-follow” backlinks are seen as signals by their ranking algorithm.


I hope you know everything about guest blogging. It may lead to starting to craft your guest blogging strategy.