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Top 10 Steps for a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Top 10 Tips for a killer Linkedin Profile

Top 10 Tips For A Killer Linkedin Profile​

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Are you thinking of taking your career to the next level? Then LinkedIn is one of the best platforms around to make them happen. But with more users, you have to go above and beyond to stand out.

Before delving into how you’ll become that LinkedIn superstar, you may want to know about the things to do. First of all, to gain a first impression you should focus on your LinkedIn profile. If it looks better, you will get more benefits and you can take your career to the next level.

So, here are the eleven things that are very much important on your LinkedIn profile. They are

Let’s delve into these important things you must consider on your LinkedIn profile.

Stay up-to-date

Look here!! Staying up to date will help you to make you stand out from all. If you are still not used to staying up to date, you never know its benefits. So, be considerate about staying up to date on your LinkedIn profile. It will give the best impression of who sees your profile.

Profile photo

Do you know? Your profile photo will give an impression and get more views if you have a good quality picture. So, keep a good quality photo of yours and make sure it should be professional. 

Also, taking a new photo with a professional attitude and keeping it in your profile photo will be the best choice to impress the viewer and also recruiters. It will help you to stand out from others, don’t forget to consider this important thing while updating your LinkedIn profile.

Professional headline

On LinkedIn for professional headlines, you have 120 characters to summarize what you are all about. This must be the best place to be creative. So, share your profession and use some industry keywords if possible. 

Consider this because if you don’t edit your professional headline, it will default to your latest job on that headline. It might not give maximum acknowledgment. So, do consider it. Also, keep checking your headline whenever you add a new job because it might switch back.

Get in touch

Getting in touch with the audience will be a great opportunity to develop your career. So,  if you want to encourage your audience to get in touch. Make it easy just add a call to action with your email, website, or phone number in the summary box. With these, your profile will easily get views and make the audience get in touch with you.


If achievements are mentioned in your LinkedIn profile, you will get the best impression from those who see your profile. Mentioning your achievements is the most important thing. So, your achievements should shine through your whole profile. 

For example: Explain your role in leading projects, managing people, and achieving goals that are enhanced with numbers where you can. Also, Be clear and focused on summarizing your achievement and experience in a few sentences.

Present English skills
Mentioning your English skills is the important thing. It will help you to make an impression on an international audience. So, show how international you are by proving that you have some serious language skills. Also, put some certificates related to it. It will present your English skills to your audience.

Get and provide recommendations
Recommendations are the important thing. It is like references and easy to get and provide on LinkedIn. To get and provide recommendations Reach out to your colleagues, previous supervisors, or current managers, and maybe if you know them, just reach out to them and ask them to share their visions of your work and your best qualities. Also, be sure to provide them with favor.

Join Groups

Don’t always be connected with people you already know, join groups to learn from others outside of your network. You can join as many groups that will make you engage and interact with the members and make new connections. Also, follow influencers to learn more. 

Further, you may think to take your LinkedIn activities to a higher level. If you are thinking about it, then just start your group and show the world you are an expert in that particular field.

Customize your URL

Right now, your LinkedIn URL might look confusing. No one can remember that, right? But fortunately, LinkedIn allows its users to personalize their URLs. So, you can get rid of those boring numbers.

Sounds good, right? Now, you have been allowed to add your brand, profession, or whatever to show off your professional personality. Also, make sure that you update your new URL on all of your websites and other social media networks.

Personalize your header image
Personalizing your header image will add some personality to your profile. To customize your header image there are some stock photos available, but if you are interested in creating your image then create it. Also, you can look at other headers to get some ideas but be careful that anything in line with your brand, company, or personality only will work. And make sure it’s something professional for your audience to see.
Do some spring cleaning

You may have set up your LinkedIn profile a few years ago and just kept adding skills, experience, groups, connections, or authorizations. If so, it is probably time to erase. Make sure your profile is clear and precise. So, only list the skills that are related to your career goals. Just mentioning that you know Microsoft Word or you are internet savvy will not make you stand out. 

Similarly, you may have done a job a few years but it will not be related to your present status. So, make sure your profile is mentioned in the present status. Also, Leave groups and remove connections no longer useful to you. The same goes for authorization, nobody is great at everything, so make sure that you only have quality approvals that will help you advance.


I hope the article will help you to know about the important things on a LinkedIn profile. Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile with the above-mentioned things and take your career to the next level!!

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