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Top 8 Metrics to Watch on Your Facebook Page

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Top 8 Metrics to Watch in Your Facebook Page

Top 8 Metrics to Watch on Your Facebook Page

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Most companies and brands prioritize Facebook marketing because they want to exhibit themselves to a larger audience, and Facebook, as a social media platform, offers exactly that. It is crucial to analyze the performance of your Facebook posts and video content in addition to creating engaging content for your audience. Facebook Insights provides numerous indicators that you can use to track campaign performance and improve marketing. In this blog, we will examine  the top 8 Facebook key metrics that are essential for brand engagement and reach. 

Key Metrics of Facebook

To help you benchmark your Facebook performance, here are eight proven metrics:
Top 8 metrics to watch in your Facebook page

Post Reach

Reach on Facebook refers to how many people have seen your page or a particular post.  It is only counted when a post (or advertisement) reaches a person. Reach determines the number of consumers that are interested in your brand and also enables you to see whether the content you are publishing is reaching the target audience.  Since it indicates that they’ve actually seen it, it’s more intent-focused than impressions.
Organic reach simply indicates the number of people in your circle of friends who have viewed your post, whereas total reach displays all viewers of your content, including those who are not on your follower list and who view it via a paid ad. The digital marketing agency in Chennai will guide you in ways to improve the reach of your post.

Post Engagement

The level of engagement indicates how your target audience engages with your page or content.  Your audience’s interactions with your content are measured by comments, shares, likes, reactions, etc. This is necessary for Facebook marketing. This is essential for Facebook marketing. When your content is engaging your audience, then your content strategy is working and your content is hitting the right notes.

If someone gets in touch with you, it indicates that they are responding to your content in some way. The greater the level of engagement you receive on a post, the higher it will appear in the feeds of your followers. Furthermore, if you continually receive high engagement on your posts, Facebook will display more of your various posts as well.

New Page Likes

As the name implies, page likes are the total number of individuals who have supported your page by liking it so they may see what you post in their feed. This indicator reveals a person’s level of interest in your company’s products or services. However, likes shouldn’t be used as a sole metric. You’ll be able to figure out how far your posts have actually spread by comparing your impressions metric to the likes metric. 

New Page Followers

The total number of new followers, both paid and non-paid, is referred to as the New Page Followers. The accuracy of the number provided is uncertain because it is an estimate. Between liking a page and following it, there isn’t much difference. You are directly followed if an individual likes your page. To stop receiving updates from your page, they can choose to unfollow it. However, these groups of people will have appeared as your audience. On the other hand, if they dislike your page yet continue to follow it, they will be classified as a lookalike audience rather than a member of your own audience.  


A growing page indicates that more people are engaging with and liking what you have posted. It’s crucial to track not only the number of new followers you gain but also the number of followers you’ve lost over a period of time. The most important thing to remember is that one can only monitor the increase in Facebook followers with the help of a Facebook analytics tool. There are many strategies to increase the number of people who follow your Facebook page, from influencer marketing to Facebook ads. You can always draw a greater number of people to your page by using eye candy and concise content.

Individual Post Reach and Engagement

Reach is a useful metric for assessing how well you are able to get the name of your company or product into Facebook users’ news feeds. Post reach is distinct from page reach, which is the total number of individuals who viewed any of the page’s content in a specific time frame. Low page reach results from infrequent posting; however, this has no impact on the page’s reach. Practically every Facebook post you make includes reach.  However, just because your post appears in people’s news feeds and they view it doesn’t mean that it will lead to more customers or more sales.

Facebook’s post engagement metric tracks reader response to what you post. When attempting to forge relationships with clients, evaluate how likely they are to take action (visit your website, buy your goods, etc.), and boost client loyalty to your company, post engagement is more crucial than post reach. You can seek help from Facebook page management services to improve your reach and engagement on Facebook.  

Higher engagement does not always translate into greater reach. It is acceptable to have a great reach but a low engagement rate, or vice versa. The level of engagement would truly depend on how interesting and relevant your post is to the audience. More reach or insight for your content may result from higher engagement. 

Simple methods like making posts with the requirements of your consumers in mind, utilizing attractive visuals to draw attention, and communicating with your customers will help you enhance your post reach as well as engagement on Facebook.

Audience Demographic

Knowing the audience demographics is a crucial statistic to keep track of Facebook page analytics. It’s crucial to understand who makes up your audience base so you can determine if you are aiming at the correct group of people. The goods and services your company provides must be pertinent to the audience you are writing for. 

Knowing where your audience is from will help you personalize your message, tone of voice, and content to meet the needs of each individual following. This can be accomplished by examining follower demographics like gender, location (country or even city), and educational level.

According to Statista , young men who are between the ages of 18 and 24 make up 13.3% of all active Facebook users globally, compared to young female users who make up 9.3%. With this in mind, you can develop a Facebook strategy to draw in young people and produce content they will find interesting.

It’s also crucial to prioritize your own demographics. If the majority of your audience is older than 25, or even older than 30, maintain the majority of your content tailored for that age range while also including a few items that are intended to appeal to young people. 

How to Measure Facebook Metrics?

You’ve probably learned about the important metrics required for measuring the performance of your Facebook page. Read about does Facebook marketing really works to clarify all your doubts about Facebook marketing. 

Here are the steps for measuring the Facebook metrics and where to find them. 

Go to your Facebook page -> Click on insights tab.

Top 8 metrics to watch in your Facebook page
In insights, under the home section, you can find your post reach, post engagement, new page likes, and new followers.
Top 8 metrics to watch in your Facebook page
Under your page section, you can find who has unfollowed you.
Top 8 metrics to watch in your Facebook page
Under the Content section, you can find the reach and engagement of each post you have shared, from which you can find the best performing and worst performing posts.
Under the audience section, you can find the audience demographics based on age, gender, and location (cities and country wise you can get insights).
Top Cities
Top 8 metrics to watch in your Facebook page
Top Countries

Wrapping Up

For creating successful strategies and advertising campaigns, it is crucial to use Facebook’s metrics. It can be challenging to select the right marketing metrics, though, as there are so many options available.  Keep the eight Facebook indicators listed above in mind while analyzing your Facebook page. These measures’ insights can assist you in determining how to boost the visibility of your company on Facebook. Start measuring your Facebook analytics right away.