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How to Rank #1 on Google in 2023?

How to rank on Google in 2023?

How to Rank #1 on Google in 2023?

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If you own a company that operates online or maintains a website, you are likely striving for a top Google ranking. But one issue that still concerns you is “how to rank higher on Google?” 

Do you know that there are more than 200 Google ranking factors ? Google uses ranking factors to determine how well the content of your website corresponds to a given online search engine.

The most widely used search engine in the world is Google. With over 8.5 billion searches every day , it surpasses search engine platforms like Bing and Yahoo. Google accounts for more than 90% of all internet searches

Therefore, appearing at the top of Google search results will have a significant positive impact on your company. But with various components, which Google ranking components should be prioritized? 

In this article, we’ll explore seven factors that will boost your rankings. If you haven’t done these things, Try to put these measures into action as soon as you can. 

What Does a Google Ranking Factor Mean?

One of the numerous tiny details of data that Google considers when determining how effectively a website responds to a particular search query is a Google ranking factor. 

In other words, when someone enters “top software companies in Chennai” in the search box, Google will employ several ranking factors in order to show them the kind of content that is more likely to be helpful to them. 

The total number of words used on a website or the amount of time it takes for images to show up can all be considered ranking factors. Google wants to give its readers a good online experience while also giving them the best content to address their search queries.

List of Important Google Ranking Factors

Some website owners could be willing to optimize all ranking aspects in an effort to achieve higher rankings. However, from Google’s point of view, perfection is impossible. Prioritize the ranking factors that will benefit you the most. You can reach out to the best SEO agency in Chennai  to know about prioritizing the Google ranking factors.

In order to help you, we have compiled a list of the top-ranking factors that will raise the position of your website in search results.

Content Is Everything

Content quality plays a significant role in Google rankings. Google will rank new, fresh, and useful content higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). In addition to increasing organic search engine traffic, this will also boost customer engagement. 

Google is very concerned with the quality of your content. No matter how well-optimized your website is, you won’t get better rankings if your content doesn’t seem to be valuable.  

You should write blogs that give value to those who visit and address their questions in order to get ranked higher on Google. These posts should also be unique to other websites. If your content is the same as what is currently ranking for a certain keyword query, this can seriously affect your SERP rankings. 

The content length also helps with ranking. You might not be aware of it, but how long your blog article is has a significant impact on how high your company ranks on Google.  If you’re curious about why some posts appear above others in search engine results, this may be one factor. The quality of the content and its ranking both increase with the word count.


Backlinks are the second most important ranking factor soon after content quality. Google’s ranking algorithm is greatly influenced by links that come through other websites. Due to their placement in the search results, websites with fewer backlinks actually receive significantly less organic traffic. 

Inbound links, often known as backlinks, are similar to positive votes for your website. These votes are evaluated by Google, who also examines the value of your links. Backlinks from reputable websites are more important and will help you rank higher than ones from unreliable sources. Having these links indicates to Google that the content you provide is reliable because it is supported by other top-notch websites.

Search Intent

In order for Google to rank your content, search intent is a key element. It’s basically what a person is searching for, and each keyword on Google is unique. For instance, sometimes the top results on Google are primarily videos and images. The best way to rank your keywords is to create a video or an image relevant to it.

You have to know the purpose of the user’s search in order to get ranked higher with the search intent. What are people attempting to accomplish? Once you understand this, it will be simpler to decide what kind of content you must produce to meet their requirements and address their problems!


The usage of keywords on websites is one of the most popular ranking factors, along with producing unique content and acquiring backlinks. If you want your content to get ranked, your website and blogs need search-engine-friendly keywords. Therefore, it’s crucial that your websites not only fit the search intent of your audience but also include the terms they’re using. In this manner, Google will be able to find your web pages in its search results.

When thinking about keywords for your content, don’t forget to include title tags to grab the attention of more viewers. Whenever possible, use keywords throughout all sections of your post to help search engines easily find your content.

Website Structure

A sitemap must be on every page of your website. Google can search for new content faster if they know where everything is on your site. The architecture of your website should ensure that every page is easy to navigate back to through links or other navigational tools. 

It makes it simpler for Google crawlers to find your website and its web pages, which benefits both you and the search engine. A sitemap lists all the key sites you want Google to be familiar with so readers can easily browse your website. They can also find fresh content this way!

Domain Authority

The domain authority (DA) of your website is another Google ranking factor. It is a measure that indicates how close you are to reaching the greatest of what people look for and require. The SEO firm Moz created domain authority, which assigns a number between 1 and 100. The greater your domain authority, the more likely it is that you will appear in search results for keywords associated with your field.

There are several approaches to improving your site’s ranking right now, starting with producing high-quality content based on niche keywords. As a result, when potential customers conduct their own research, they will easily locate new relevant content from websites like yours without searching through dozens of other pages, ensuring that the desired backlinks come rushing in. 

User Experience

The last Google ranking factor is the user experience. These metrics provide Google with more information about the user experience of your visitors. Various ranking indications, such as CTR (click-through rate), bounce rate, and dwell duration, are used to evaluate the efficiency of your website’s user experience. All of these factors contribute to how pleasant users find browsing your site, so make it as interesting and smooth as possible! 


And that’s it! However we made an effort to highlight the most prevalent and significant ranking factors, there are undoubtedly many more. But if you first grasp these factors, we ensure that your Google rankings and search engine traffic will significantly improve. Consult us Now to learn more about ranking your website on Google.