Facebook Marketing: All you wanted to know

Facebook has been used for several purposes like entertainment, gaming, communication, and more by individuals before. In recent times, it is also attracting businesses highly to use the platform. As a result, businesses and brands can be presentable and showcase their product and services to the audience. In addition, the rise and demand for Facebook pages have made great opportunities for business owners to utilize the platform.  Here is everything you should know about Facebook Page, why it is effective, and how businesses can utilize it. We’ll also discuss successful case studies on businesses that found growth through page management. Finally, if you are wondering whether it is worth hiring a social media agency, you’ll understand it too. 

What is a Facebook Page?

Facebook Page: Need Of The Hour

How Do I Create a Facebook Page?

Facebook Page Guide

What is the Difference Between Facebook and Facebook Page?

What’s a Personal Profile:

What’s a Facebook Page?

Facebook Vs Facebook Page

Is it worth having a Facebook Business Page?

Top 5 Benefits of having a business Page:

Your Website Traffic Increase & Boost SEO


Are Facebook Business Pages Effective?



The Facebook Page Success Stories

Facebook Page Content Strategy



What is a Facebook Page?

Facebook is the largest and the most talked-about social network globally; over 2.3 billion users owe a Facebook account. That’s the estimated number of Facebook accounts; imagine the kind of impact that it holds. 

While Facebook began its way with college and school students, and majorly with young adults to connect, interact and communicate online. Currently, it has become vital for communities, majorly businesses, to outgrow, engage and sell their products/services to a wide set of audiences. 

Business Growth Scope:
Having a Facebook page for business will get you more customers! People spend maximum time on social sites, and most of them are interested in shopping. Having a page will help your audience know about you, your brand, and your products/services. It will increase your business exposure to a wide set of audience online. This, in turn, will add a more customer base, great brand exposure, and business growth. Eventually, business growth is all that you want, and a Facebook page will let you achieve the milestone.

Facebook Page: Need Of The Hour 
It is a page connected to your profile for Facebook to know who owns the page.  Facebook Page has a separate and whole different presence for you to promote your business, brand, product, or cause. 

Because pages are specifically designed for business use, the kind of features available is exceptional.  It offers analytics, advertising, post scheduling, and a lot more. One can use the platform to engage the audience with promotional posts and build an audience base.

Facebook has surpassed Google to be the most trafficked site in the world. Imagine, per month; people spend over 700 billion minutes; don’t you think your business needs to go where the people hang out the most?

Being the only social media platform that grabs half of the social media user to itself, imagine how much you are missing out on your kind of audience if you aren’t there. 

“One significant point of focus is, this social platform is an effective way to direct traffic to your business website. The post, links, and other actionable elements that your Facebook page contains can enhance your Website SEO too.” 

Social media platforms carry a lot of value, as their information is important to the customer. If your page is overloaded with rich content, prospective customers will be interested in doing business with you. Not just that, it will also help you rank higher on the search engine.

If your business has a Facebook page, you’re winning a lot.

Facebook turns 16 in 2021! 
Yes, we are all getting older, it seems, aren’t we?

People are used to interacting with businesses, and everyone is familiar with branding on this platform. Shouldn’t you take advantage of this and make an effort to reach your audience? 

Imagine,90 million small businesses make use of Facebook.” Using the page, group, and messenger app, you can keep engaging users with business ads, content, and more to increase your sales. Facebook  Page is essential for marketing and business; it actively connects meaningful users to your business online. 

How Do I Create a Facebook Page? 
Want to give it a shot, but don’t know how to proceed with it? Here is a guide for you. 

You can customize Facebook pages according to your business needs. For example, you can use the stories, events, feed section to keep your page updated and users well informed.  Did you know Facebook Page can help you with branding? The more places you show yourself to the user on the web, the more you are remembered as a brand. 

There are popular Facebook advertising agencies that create compelling pages and bring in leads for the companies. These agencies know that the social platform always prioritizes entertaining content and creates a page worth looking at. If you’d like to create a page, you can follow these quick four steps. 
  • Go to facebook.com/pages/create.
  • Choose the Page type.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Click continue and then follow the instruction on the screen. 
Facebook Page Guide:
  1. Provide General Business Details
Your page name Address Phone number Category. 
  1. Adding a Profile Picture
Your company’s profile picture needs to stand out; it should speak about you, your brand as a whole. The profile picture has to be in a 170 x 170 pixels frame for better visibility and clarity.
  1. Cover Photo Matters
You can add your brand’s slogan as a featured image. Something that doesn’t have too many words but is still catchy, bold, vivid, and represents your company’s value. The cover photo has to be about 820 x 462 pixels for perfect visibility.  
  1. Adding Details about your Company Page
The primary purpose for your business presence on Facebook is to attract customers. Therefore, once you have added the essential details, take more time to add specialized information about your company page. 

In the About us section, you should speak of your business, what you offer, your location, and what makes you different from the rest. You can also talk about your experience, year of establishment to keep your user engaged. Finally, add photos and videos that showcase your product/service offered to the customer; remember people, love visuals.

The social platform reaches about 50% of the social networking population. This is one crucial statistic that proves the point of being present on Facebook. So, what’s keeping you waiting? Your social media presence will have a huge impact on your audience. They are looking for a product/service you are offering. So, be presentable and showcase what you have in store for them. Reach out to us for Facebook Management Support.

What is the Difference Between Facebook and Facebook Page?

When you have both a profile and a Facebook page, it is easy to get confused between the two. Also, this can confuse customers if there are no differences maintained. Therefore, it is essential for you to know what a profile and a page do.

Ask yourself first, are you trying to build a powerful brand?

If YES, you are right!! We feel the same!

Branding is essential, as it emphasizes:
  • What is your business?
  • What are you offering?
  • What makes you better than the rest?

It creates credibility as well as trust!

We are lucky since we can leverage social platforms like Facebook to enhance our brand presence. And, there is one primary way of doing it, starting a Facebook page. But, guess what makes a standard Facebook and Facebook page different?

What’s a Personal Profile:
It is a default account that you receive as you sign up for Facebook. Profiles are majorly designed to showcase your individual-ness, and one can add ample information.
  1. Your Birthday
  2. Your hometown
  3. Your interests/ hobbies 
  4. Where you did your schooling
  5. Work details.

You can also add friends to your Facebook and connect with them after they accept your friend request. As you keep your profile updated with new posts and stories, your friends will see the content in the Newsfeed. Your posts are also shown in your profile, as your timeline, which can be accessed anytime you want.

With that, you are free to like and follow any business page from your personal profile. As soon as the pages post the content, you will be updated with the same on your news feed, and that’s how customized can be your feed, based on your likings and interest.

What’s a Facebook Page?
A business page on Facebook may look similar to a personal profile, but it has more marketing and analytical tools. Unlike a personal profile, A Facebook page is designed to showcase everything about a company. So, the information typically has a more professional tone to it, that includes:
  • Foundation date
  • Type of business you deal with
  • Services or products that are offered to the customer
  • Awards and recognition that a business has received
  • Business Contact details
  • Business Address details

Interestingly, you need to create/manage and handle your Page via a personal profile. This is because Facebook requires each page to have a human on-board for administration and authenticity.

Imagine, on average, people access Facebook about 8 times each day. This clearly states that having a page ensures you are always visible, the users are highly engaged, and they frequently check their newsfeeds.

One of the significant differences between a business page and a profile is that the page has an in-built analytics tool, termed Insights. The Insights offers you to measure your past performance, engagement and gauge great success with your marketing tactics. With a page, you can do a thorough analysis, the impact and results of your marketing efforts, and more.

Facebook Vs Facebook Page
You will be surprised to know that over 160 million businesses have preferred Facebook as a mode to communicate with customers.

Also, you can invite your friends to your page and create more and more audiences for the same. By inviting, it will show your page content in the Newsfeed for anyone who has liked or followed it.

You can also change your privacy & visibility for your personal profile and posts. It can be open to the public, or only your friends can view it. But, the Business page is always public and anyone can access it!

Facebook profiles no longer offer you access to advertising or even paid reach. However, on a page, you can easily purchase ads, pay, and boost your post to reach a wider set of audience.

Post Regularly:
On a profile, even if you don’t post regularly won’t make a big difference. However, with a Facebook page, you have to keep your audience updated. About 93% of social media marketers use Facebook Ads. If you are not using the advantage, your competitors will always be ahead in the race.

Fans vs Friends:
Facebook profile is all about friends, while Page is more focused on generating fans. You need to invite your friends to like your page, while you can also buy ads to reach more potential fans. Although it is easier to connect with like-minded people with a profile, you can engage with different groups.

Which is more professional? A Facebook page or a simple Profile? Pages create an impression in front of the audience, so the content you post holds value. You are speaking about your business. Therefore the words you curate must represent your brand well.

Post Scheduling:
The business page offers the concept of built-in scheduling posts options well in advance. It saves your time by batching all posts in one session, rather than spending each day figuring out what to post. As a result, you can be one step ahead of time and batch content for a week! Whereas the Facebook profile doesn’t support any scheduling feature to the users. Remember, Your audience’s news feeds become more and more saturated with business content that interests them. With a simple Facebook profile, you can keep your friends engaged with images, photos, posters, videos from your page.

Which do you need?
The answer is BOTH!

In 2021 statistics, about 400 users sign up to Facebook every minute. So if you aren’t using

Facebook rightly, you are missing out on a lot of things. Having a Facebook profile and

Page is like using the best of both worlds.

You can’t access a Facebook Page without having a profile in the first place. Both the profile and business have their own merits. But, to get to the most of your Facebook marketing efforts, you need to use them both regularly. To promote your business, you can leverage them to your advantage and gain a more comprehensive set of audience. Share posts from your business page to your profile as it shows your business content to your friends.

Is it worth having a Facebook Business Page?

Creating a Facebook business page is essential. It is for small businesses to optimize their profile and outshine online.

With more than 2.7 billion active users, this platform is for small businesses to make the most out of social media marketing. With the business page, connecting with your customer gets easier and quicker. You can offer real-time information about business, products, services, events, or new launches.

The social site gives us a chance to promote in a number of ways, while also increasing recognition. Being a free resource, Facebook continues to be the best social networking, to set up camp, connect with customers ad grow the audience base.

Top 5 Benefits of having a business Page:
Here are the top five benefits of having a Facebook page for your business.
  1. Billions of Potential Customers are Out There
Imagine 1.66 billion active users engaging on this social channel every day! Hands down, the Facebook business page allows you to reach out to the world where audiences are abundant.

It is the best way of finding the right community that genuinely holds interest in your offering.

Remember, 74% of Facebook users are high-income earners. This means the audience exposed to your page online won’t mind spending bucks and buying products or services from you.
  1. Your Marketing Expenses are Lowered
Starting a page costs $0. You can click photographs of your products and services all by yourself.

Also, Facebook paid ads are relatively cheaper, way affordable than traditional ads. And, the reach is 1,000x more than print, radio, or TV.

There are countless case studies of Facebook marketing to be an effective way to attract new customers and increase sales
  1. Targeting audience through demographics
When you target the audience by demographics, that’s when you hit the right audience for your brand.

For example, a trek organizer on Facebook, an age group of 50+ won’t seem to be the perfect fit. The targeted market would be people aged 15-30. Depending upon the trek location, the Facebook campaign will be targeted to that specific location audience.

This way the potential to reach out to the right audience becomes 10x times better.

If you are a small-scale local business, you can direct your ads and target customers in your radius. It can be within a 10–15-mile radius, it might cost more, but engagement will be superb.

When using Facebook, remember, Users ages 25–34 years are the largest demographic age. This basically means that your product and services are ideal for those ages. Your Facebook page will have great exposure for sure! 
  1. Higher Insight Knowledge
The Facebook business page provides insight, a glance to know your:
  • Page Views
  • Post Reach
  • New Page Likes
  • New Post Comments
  • Acton on Page
  • Page Previews
  • Story Reach and more.
You can dig in each section to know how specific posts are performing. Understand what was different, special, and result-driven in the post with the highest reach and engagement.

You can also download your insight to dive in very deep, and based on the information, modify your new campaign.

Even if you are not a number fan, you will be in love with Facebook Insights. Because it is for everyone to easily understand, even non-technical people can get great information.
  1. Build Brand Loyalty
Facebook is a place to build a customer base. Besides, it also helps in building your brand, and your audience brand is loyal.

With consistency in providing valuable content to your followers, they will be hooked on your page. People are inclined towards pages that offer fresh, relevant, and constant updates about their business.

With engaging posts about offers, discounts, new launches, and entertaining videos. They are much more likely to do business with you than any poorly, unmanaged page.

You need to be out there, engaging with your followers, addressing their queries, and adding visual content. Remember, Facebook adores ‘Visual elements’ so add more of them to bring loyalty.

Your Website Traffic Increase & Boost SEO
With Facebook advertising agencies, they are focused majorly on utilizing the business pages to drive traffic to your websites.

When you post your website links on pages, with attractive captions, visual content, and engaging copy, you are driving traffic to the site. If all you are doing on Facebook is engagement, then this is not a real achievement. 

You have to work hard on getting traffic to your website. Post links with wide images, that get clicked a lot! With the right way to leverage a Facebook page for your business, getting the most traffic is possible. 

In the distribution of global Facebook users, Know the statistics, 19.3% are male users between 25 and 34 years old while 13.1% were female users in the same age range.

There are many ways Facebook pages can boost your SEO. You need to make a sound decision and choose the best name for your page, one that can be searchable. 

The first word of your page title is given the highest weight by Google.  

When using the keywords in the location, you optimize your business page for local searches. You have to think practical and make the most out of your Facebook Page. If your business just started, targeting locals will be a good option! 

When using your business page on Facebook, and with the help of a Facebook page management company. Remember that your page visitors want to know what is in for them? Be mindful with the content you choose to post, and it sure should provide value.  

Getting effective results from the page is extremely easy if your business page is customer-centric. But, also not to put all your eggs in the Facebook basket. 

The page needs to be used merely to promote your business, increase your brand image, and create engagement. But most importantly is to lure the audience to your site, so don’t get distracted. 

Are Facebook Business Pages Effective?

Facebook continues to grow despite an array of social platforms rising and gaining popularity. The 2.4 billion loyal Facebook users are enough to explain the strength of this platform. In addition, more than 200 million businesses use Facebook’s business page, a free way to market their business. The good news is, creating a business page is pretty simple, and getting effective results is quicker too. Facebook advertising agency believes that if you have spent time developing a business page, it is worth considering engaging with it.

-It is more educational, less promotion
Education and Facebook page? What do both have to do with each other? 

All this time, we were only focusing on promotion and nothing else. You need to change your focus! If all your posts are promoting your brand, you are spamming your audience with ads. Your audience, when following you, is already aware of your products and knows what you sell. Social media users are wise; they want to gain some benefit out of your post. Start to educate them to offer advice, valuable information. Find areas in your business that your audience will be interested in and share them. A Facebook business page is effective if used wisely.

-Facebook Live Streaming is Massive
Live streaming is one great and effective way to boost engagement on your page. It is a way to connect with those following you immediately. The video can be replayed, as it appears on the news feed for people who haven’t connected to the live session. There are great live sessions your business can perform effectively. 
  • Do a quick Q&A session with your followers
  • Conduct a demonstration ‘How to’ video
  • Give a virtual tour of your location
  • Talk about your brand or specific niche
  • Make special announcements
  • Conduct interviews with experts
-Engagement is the Secret to Growth 
It may not be easy to drive organic results to your page. But, constant engagement, live sessions, giveaways can help a lot. Engagement is like a secret sauce; you need to use it to make the most out of your brand. 

The final and most important point is that Facebook adores interaction and conversion between members. Genuine engagement and interaction are incredibly valuable on this platform. If you have people who comment on your post, take time to acknowledge and respond to comments. Do not ignore the comments, or any enquiry, even if it is a negative review, be polite and answer gracefully. The more you engage with your audience, the more reward you receive from organic reach. 

-Using Video & Images Boost Results
Facebook can be used to showcase your creative side in video and engaging images. There’s an old saying; pictures speak a thousand words. 

Also, video marketing is gaining immense popularity. The chance of interesting videos getting viral is quite common in today’s time. Make sure you use this algorithm to understand the best time to post and when your audience is most active. Based on that, your creative visual appeals will be a more significant reason to lure in the audience. 

-Facebook Group Encourage Ideas
Facebook has recently pushed the users to encourage using private group discussions. It is a place where one gets involved, talks about a specific common topic of interest, and gains valuable information. As a result, people are getting use-value when connecting with the private group, which is what businesses can benefit from. 

Facebook pages are allowed to join private groups, get involved, discuss, share ideas and promote. A brand can act as a person in the group, which makes the audience rely on them. So be very focused on niche topics and interests vital for your audience to align with your brand.

The Facebook Page Success Stories
  • Success of Coca Cola Reaching Millions Across Devices in South Africa
Coca-Cola turned to Facebook Advertising for raising brand awareness in South Africa. They created a multi-media campaign that was able to reach a vast amount of audience. Coca-Cola used Facebook’s slideshow ads, ads that can accommodate devices of any internet speed.

Facebook offers an excellent targeting tool, so you can target based on a specific location, interest group, and demographics when you promote a post. This made the brand easily target the audience in South Africa and gain engagement. 

Armed with the right Facebook tools, buying, Carousel, Canvas, and Video ads, the campaign reached millions. Within three months, the campaign was able to get people across various types of mobile devices. With the help of videos and canvas ads, the brand was able to bring in wide attention from the audience. 
  • 38%of audience exposed to Facebook 
  • 42% increase in reach to individuals by using only 3.5% of the total budget
  • 8x increase in brand impact on Facebook 
  • Cadbury 5-Star Successful Business Page on Facebook
  • Cadbury reached out to a digital platform for targeting digitally savvy young adults who are fond of chocolates. The main aim was to measure the impact on sales and the effectiveness of Facebook advertising. The main products used to promote the brand were photo ads and video ads, using insights to create a campaign and core audience targeting. 

    Cadbury is already aware of its audience base that is majorly young adults who love chocolates. And the best place to find the right audience for the brand was undoubtedly social channels. Young people and adults spend most of their time on Facebook, so the platform is used wisely to leverage the audience.   

    When using proper Facebook page management, you ensure your business page is targeted rightly. The audience is right there, waiting for you to show your product and services. It would help if you had the right strategy to be presentable to them. Now that you know the great benefits and effectiveness of a Facebook page. It is time you start creating one and leveraging the platform rightly.

    Facebook Page Content Strategy

    Creating a perfect content strategy doesn’t seem to be easy. Millions of businesses have spent dollars every month only to generate sales, leads, and traffic. But obviously, not all of them could accomplish their marketing goals. So in 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the focus on Facebook would shift to “meaningful social interactions.” 

    With that, it makes organic results harder to achieve. Constant updates to the algorithm make it more challenging to ensure your content reaches your target audience. Not to forget, content drives a lot of traffic and engagement to your business. Content is the foundation of your marketing plan, and you need to make it worth it.

    Make sure you use these tactics rightly and see how it works wonders for your business and brand online on Facebook. 

        -Use Mini-Infographics
    Infographics are visually attractive communication tools. They are eye-catching, engaging, memorable to the reader, making complex information easier to grasp. 

    It gets 2x more shares than any other form of content. So, making an essential visual to it and including it in your marketing plan makes sense. Facebook Page management company strongly focuses on luring audience attention with stylish infographics. They put more emphasis on creative smaller infographics and in a storytelling style. This is one of the most popular ways to keep your audience hooked on.  

     -Video marketing
    From email newsletters and blog posts to landing pages and social media posts, videos are favorite and acceptable across all channels. But, the rise of video marketing has led to almost every brand creating a video and getting noticed. Remember, Videos are responsible for 11% of Facebook Content.
    • Keep your video short, to the point, crisp yet information, not less than a minute. 
    • The quality of your video should be top-notch and clear. 
    • Keep the critical message interesting in the first few seconds to hook your audience
    • Thumbnail is 50% important, so an enticing Thumbnail should be created for clicks
     -Creative Writing
    Creative content needs to be yours! You have to produce raw, authentic, fresh, and highly relevant content. Although video content is growing a lot, users still read articles, news, and other attractive content on Facebook. But it has to be fresh, such that you don’t face any legal issues post publishing it. Facebook removed about 3,716,817content that was cases of copyright and trademark infringement and counterfeit reports.

     -Maintain brand consistency
    With the large number of posts luring attention, some are struggling for the attention of Facebook. Keeping the brand with a consistent look needs to be maintained. Your brand needs to stand out and be appealing to the target audience. Similarly, it must be distinguishable from the other brand. 

    All your posts need to have a theme or a format that helps your audience know your brand. Maintaining a visual brand consistency on social media allows you to be different and unique from the rest of the crowd. Use your brand’s font, theme, aesthetic, color to design your social media post. This is how you make your brand presence memorable. 

     -Leverage User-generated content
    In a survey conducted, it was confirmed, user-generated content to be 9.8x more impactful than other content. This proves how powerful user-generated content can be. When your audience is heavily exposed to promotional content, your user-generated content can add authenticity and credibility, resulting in higher engagement.
    • You can curate and re-share the content on your feed
    • Use of reviews and testimony and represent in content or video form
    • Include it in your Facebook Ads
    • Create multi-image or album posts as a collection of user-generated posts

    Even with the right content type that you choose for your brand presence online, you need to keep a few considerations in mind before posting your content out there. Here is a list of the top three things to add to your content strategy plan. 

    -Post To Engage User
    You can post purely informative content for your audience, but that won’t work long enough. First, you need to understand what your audience will like and how to grab their attention. Facebook advertising agencies believe that if used rightly, Facebook can bring in great engagement if the post is worth shareable. For example, you are broadcasting a price promotion, encouraging them to participate in a giveaway or something that would benefit them. This is the kind of post they are looking for, so make sure you add it frequently.

    -Post Frequency
    When it comes to social media, every marketer regularly posts at least one post for the audience. 

    If more than one post is required, it depends upon the type of industry you are dealing with. For example, if you are into news reporting about bike launches, your post depends entirely on the new launch of bikes every day. Or any latest updates on the existing bike, and you need to be quick. However, a law firm or electrical company should limit the post to just one or a maximum of 2 updates.

    -Deliver Content in A Format Accessible. 
    The range of media that your Facebook post will be reaching should be something you need to know. Content strategy must have the format consideration before you post it out. Facebook allows you to publish your content in different formats, including video and content. You have to understand that your target is to please your audience whatever you do as a business online. The more they are happy, the better you get benefited out of it. 
    With powerful visual, engaging content and keeping your brand post consistent, you will be able to leave a suitable remark in the audience. Your post will become memorable, plus your content will reach a wider audience too. Lastly, you are not going to get anywhere without a goal. Set your goals, plan your content strategy, structure it, schedule it, and put it automatically. It might be simple, but it is a tedious task and needs reasonable assistance.   

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