Fee-based financial and retirement planning
for affluent retirees in St. George, Utah

Retirement Plannning Strategies

The associates in the St. George office of Consultus specialize in working with conservative retirees who are seeking assistance in one or more of the following areas:

    • Wealth preservation – Clients of Consultus appreciate our focus on preserving the assets that took decades to accumulate. We believe that it is more important for you to sleep well at night than to stretch for extra returns by subjecting your assets to an uncertain economy and volatile financal markets.

    • Asset protection – We live in a world where others are more actively seeking control of your assets. Whether an aggressive personal-injury lawyer, over-reaching creditors, or even disatisfied heirs, your Consultus associate works to ensure that your assets do not end up in the wrong hands.

    • Retirement income planning – Tradtional stockbrokers and financial planners tradionally place an emphasis on accumulating money. They have often fallen short when it comes to helping clients spend their money during retirment. It is not unusual for them to recommend spending only the income generated. This approach may not generate enough cash flow during low interest-rate enviromnents. Likewise, it may not provide enough purchasing power (because of inflation) during periods of high interest rates.

      Others offer a simple rule of thumb, such as spending four percent of your assets each year. This may or may not work, but often overlooks tax consequences.

      Retirement income planning is the forte of the Consultus associate in our St. George office. He or she will work with you to establish retirement income that cannot be outlived, minimizes taxes, and provide peace of mind.

    • Social Security claiming strategies – Recent changes have some people believing that Social Security claiming strategies are no longer available. This is not the case. Your associate will include Social Security strategies as part of your financial plan.

  • Tax planning – Remember the days when your financial planner or broker told you that you would be in a lower tax bracket when you retired? Now, that you're faced with required minimum withdrawals (RMDs) from your IRA, you've discovered that your plan to withdraw at a lower rate has failed. In fact, you are frustrated that you don't the money, right now, but are forced to take it and pay taxes at the rate of 30 percent or higher.

    IRA distribution planning is just one of the tax strategies that your associate will discuss with you. Your financial plan should provide you with ways to convert taxable investment income into non-taxable cash flow. A number of charitable giving and estate planning strategies can provide immediate tax savings, and reduce the cost of estate settlement at your death.

retirement income strategy to minimize income taxes

Retirement Income Strategy

The MASTER® System is a proprietary strategy developed by Consultus to generate retirement income that cannot be outlived.