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Have you discovered money happiness, yet?

Your Complete Guide to Money Happiness by Hank Brock

“Henry Brock's work is not a cookie-cutter formula or get-rich-quick scheme. It is a journey in to personal attitudes, goals, character and principles. That is what really counts when searching for money happiness!”

~Charles A. Coonradt
Author, The Game of Work

In his timeless classic, Your Complete Guide to Money Happiness, author Henry Brock invites you to read, study, and ponder principles based on natural laws that will work as well in 2026 as they did in 1996 or 1886. You will enjoy his discussion on how your financial life cannot and should not be separate from the rest of your person. To achieve true money happiness, you must include your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams. In addition, you cannot ignore the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and practical as they all make up your whole being.