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The Consultus Video Library is where residents of Utah can learn about financial planning strategies, how to select a financial advisor, the economy, taxes, and other retirement planning topics that affect people in the St. George area.

How to Select a Financial Planner

In this video, Tamara Lee (KUSG-TV) interviewed Hank Brock (prior to Brock & Associates changing its name to Consultus) about the keys to selecting a financial planner. Hank outlines the major areas to look for and gives caution regarding bogus financial planning credentials.

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CNN Interviews Hank About Money Happiness

In this CNN interview, Hank Brock, founder of Consultus, discusses the topic of money happiness, highlighting principles from his book, Your Complete Guide to Money Happiness. Although it aired in 1997, the principles discussed in the video are timeless.

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The Importance of Protecting Your Capital

Hank Brock, founder of Consultus, discusses the importance of protecting your capital from losses in the financial markets. This interview took place prior to the company's name change.

The 7-Year Asset Transfer

This financial planning strategy allows seniors to transfer assets generating taxable income to an environment where retirement income is not taxed. It might also reduce or eliminate taxation of Social Security income.