Fee-based financial and retirement planning
for affluent retirees in St. George, Utah


Seeking Financial Education for Retirement

And eliminating worry about volatile financial markets, like so many retirees in Utah.

Helping retirees in the St. George Utah area avoid the volatility of the financial markets

Adams appreciated the fact that Consultus catered specifically to seniors

“Consultus passed the Bill O’Reilly test; they were definitely looking out for us.”

Roger Adams


The Adams had retired in 2003 and moved from Southern California to a retirement community. Roger and Diane elected to oversee their own retirement nest eggs and had a lump sum of money to invest. However, they soon found what they needed most was a financial education. “We spent our working lives learning how to make money, not how to manage retirement,” said Diane. “We have a whole bunch of retirement puzzle pieces—IRA’s, 401k’s, deferred compensation.”

Senior Advice and Retirement Education

“We appreciated the fact that Consultus catered specifically to seniors,” noted Diane. “One of the first things they helped us understand was some of the common mistakes seniors make. We’d worked hard for our money and needed to avoid as many financial pitfalls as we could. We had spent a lifetime acquiring business savvy, but didn’t have retirement savvy. Consultus gave us the education we needed,” she added.

Insulated From Worry

The economic crisis that developed in 2008 led to large stock market declines. “Some of our friends got hit hard with the stock market disaster, hoping they could still hold on, having lost 40 percent or more in their 401K’s,” said Diane. “We never worried a second about whether the stock market was either up or down. We were insulated from the turmoil.”

Consultus offers retirement planning seminars in the St. George, UT area that are designed to help seniors understand risks and explain strategies to protect against those risks.

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