Fee-based financial and retirement planning
for affluent retirees in St. George, Utah


Worried About Running Out of Money

Like Carol Johnson, many seniors in Utah worry about depleting their retirement assets.

Retirement income planning for residents of the St. George Utah area.

A happy Consultus client for over 25 years

“Outliving my money is something always on my mind. It just so happens that it’s foremost on the minds at Consultus as well.”

Carol Johnson


Norm and Carol Johnson have been clients for over 30 years. Norm was a nationally-recognized securities lawyer and senior partner with the largest law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the Clinton administration, Norm was tapped to be a Commissioner of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington, D.C. In 2000, the Johnson's returned to Salt Lake City and in 2002, Norm passed away. Carol subsequently moved to Saint George in 2003 and has continued to rely on the financial advice of Consultus.

Trusted Counsel

“Brock and his team seem to keep their fingers on the pulse of the economy and how it can affect their clients,” said Carol. “I have trusted their advice for more than 20 years and I trust their advice for what’s happening in the future. They are always looking out for me.”

Right Advice, Right Time

“Some of the first advice Hank gave me was to pay off my credit cards. I didn’t like writing out that check very much, but it made sense to get rid of the debt,” said Carol. “I also didn’t like thinking about a budget or the idea of living on less than I took in but Hank has been persistent. I’d much rather talk to Larry than Hank,” joked Carol. “Hank keeps asking if I’m sticking to my budget.”

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